Uniform Requirements

Junior Girls:-

  • Black Sleeveless leotard
  • Pink Ballet Stockings
  • Sheer ballet skirt (black, jade green or pink)

Intermediate / Senior Girls:-

  • Black sleeveless leotard
  • Pink Ballet Stockings
  • Black lycra shorts or hot pants
  • Black ¾ length tights
  • Studio Jade T-Shirt


  • Black pants or shorts
  • White t-shirt or Jade Studio Shirt
  • Black Socks

Optional Uniform:-

  • Jade studio v-neck shirt or polo style shirt
  • Jade and Black Studio Tracksuit
  • Black or Jade coloured crossover
  • Black Lycra “V” front jazz pants – Hip Hop


  • Pink Leather ballet shoes – Girls
  • Black leather ballet shoes – Boys
  • Camel coloured Jazz Shoes – Girls
  • Black Jazz shoes – Boys
  • Camel Coloured Tap Shoes – Girls
  • Black Tap Shoes – Boys
  • Intermediate / Senior / Hip Hop Students – Black Jazz Sneakers
  • Senior Performance Students – Camel Chorus Heels

* Studio shirts, Tracksuits or capes to cover costumes can also be purchased. 

Hair:- Must be in a bun, braid  or plaits and kept tidy away from the face (fringes are accepted but must be above the eyebrows).  Short hair must be kept neat.