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These lessons are specialised classes suitable for the ages 2-4. They are 45 minutes long and consist of 15 minutes of jazz, 15 minutes of ballet, 10 minutes of drama and 5 minutes of learning a dance.  This break-up allows students to remain totally focussed on the lesson keeping it fun and exciting.

DANCE WITH ME (Coming Soon)

This is a special class for children aged from 1-3 years where they can dance, sing and act with the support of a parent/grandparent or carer by their side. These classes will focus on building confidence, developing gross and fine motor skills, build social skills, improving memory and focus, introduction to dance, music and nursery rhymes with lots of props, self-expression and fun.


These lessons are specialised classes suitable for the ages 5-7. They are 45 minutes long and consist of 15 minutes of jazz, 15 minutes of ballet, 10 minutes of drama and 5 minutes of learning a dance. This break-up allows students to remain totally focussed on the lesson keeping it fun and exciting.


In our tap classes the L.G.T.D.A. syllabus is taught.  The syllabus instils an excellent tapping technique and thorough knowledge of tapping combinations.  Students have the opportunity to participate in a tap exam if they wish. The L.G.T.D.A. syllabus is very popular throughout Australia and is renowned for producing talents such as the “TAP DOGS”.  Students also learn tap routines for our end of year concert.


Our jazz classes feature a broad range of styles ranging from cabaret, musical comedy to funk.  Students can dance to the latest hits.  Lessons start with a warm up, stretching for flexibility, followed by learning dance sequences, floorwork, corner progressions and a dance routine.  Students have the opportunity of participating in an A.T.O.D. Jazz exam if they wish.  Our studio is proud to teach the A.T.O.D. Syllabus that is widely renowned throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.     


These lessons are suitable for students wishing to learn the latest dance moves that they see on many video clips.  Movements are short, sharp and funky.   


Dance ‘n Dazzle offers classical ballet and pointe work classes.  These classes are highly recommended to all students, especially eisteddfod soloists, as they will improve technique, posture and poise.  Students are welcome to participate in an ATOD Ballet examination if they wish and the concert dance is a mini-suite ballet incorporating all students.


Character dance is a specific subdivision of classical dance. It is the stylized representation of a traditional folk or national dance, mostly from European countries, and uses movements and music which have been adapted for the theatre. 

Popular character dance adaptations for ballet also include the national dances of Hungary, Russia, Poland, Italy and Spain:  mazurka, flamenco, etc.

Character dances are usually performed in shoes or boots, with a suede sole and a small heel.  Students are welcome to participate in an ATOD National Character examination if they wish.


This class will help to enhance flexibility, develop choreography skills, improve technique and poise.  Students will learn a variety of dance sequences and a troupe routine.


Our  Acrobatics Classes are open to all ages from 5 years upwards.  This class will focus on all aspects of floorwork including cartwheels, somersaults, walkovers, round-offs, aerials,  handsprings, etc.  This class is sure to give students that extra pizzazz in their dance routines. Our studio is certified in the Acrobatics Arts syllabus.


PBT is a program developed to help students advance in all dance forms by training muscle memory. PBT focusses on core stability, weight placement and alignment. PBT was developed by world renowned teacher and ballerina Marie Walton-Mahon and is practiced internationally.


Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. Students will build skills to become a triple threat and have exposure to many musicals. They will be able to learn a mini musical routine for our concert.


These lessons are suitable for students who are interested in learning jazz or tap just for fun.  These lessons will consist of warm up, stretching, dance sequences and learning a dance for the concert.


The Adult Jazz class is a lesson which incorporates stretching, floorwork and basic / intermediate dance movements whilst exercising. Our Adult Ballet class is a 30 minute class incorporating barre, centre and choreography and some pointe (if desired). Our Adult Tap class is a beginners class and will incorporate barre work, centre work, combinations and learning a dance.

All students have the opportunity to perform a dance at our annual concert


We offer L.G.T.D.A. Tap Examinations which will be held towards the middle of the year.  Examinations are not compulsory.

All students from Pre-Juniors, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors are also welcome to participate in ATOD Jazz, National Character and Classical Ballet Examinations.  The examinations will be held during term 3. 

As well as improving technique and confidence, the examinations will give the students a further goal to strive for in a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.  The students will receive a certificate, medal and report sheet.  This will be a wonderful opportunity to develop the potential of promising students as well as working towards accreditation for the Dance ‘N Dazzle pupils.


Students are welcome to compliment their dance lessons with a private lesson which will further develop their dancing style.  Pupils learn solo routines and with regular practice and commitment can achieve impressive results at dancing eisteddfods and talent quests.



Dance ‘n Dazzle Studio is a registered provider with the NSW Government Active Kids program & Creative Kids Program. You can now claim your $50 Active Kids voucher towards any classes and $50 Creative Kids voucher towards any classes

Conditions to claim:

  1. Student is under the care of a parent, guardian or carer receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A, or Family Tax Benefit Part B, or both Family Tax Benefit Part A and Family Tax Benefit Part B.
  2. Voucher is valid for the calendar year;
  3. Claims ARE permitted for regular dance lessons
  4. Claims ARE NOT permitted for: enrolment fees, exams, costume fees or concert rehearsals.
  5. Vouchers can only be used once. If you have used your voucher for another program, it will no longer be valid and it can’t be used again
  6. Vouchers can only be used for 1 child; each child needs a separate voucher;
  7. Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash – no refunds or credits will be issued.